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Краткий конспект подготовки к ЗНО по английскому языку №25 "Clothes"

Подготовка к ЗНО. Английский язык.
Конспект 25. Clothes

  One will hardly disagree that it is pleasant to look at a person who is neatly and beautifully dressed. A person usually chooses clothes according to their age, social class, financial position and occupation. People also choose clothes according to their preferences and character.
  To my mind, if a person wants to produce a good impression and to be successful, he or she must look nice. When people speak to you, they always pay attention to your appearance and your clothes. If you look sloppy and untidy, they will try to avoid you. There is a saying that "good clothes open all doors" and I quite agree with it.Indeed, it is very important to know how to present oneself, what kind of clothes fits the event you visit, so you do not lose your face, and create the right impression of yourself, and then your mind and education should help you to complete your image.
  Clothes are such an essential part of modern life that it’s simply hard to imagine how people can live without them. Certainly, it’s necessary to look attractive but it doesn’t mean that you should becrazy about fashion. It may turn into a waste of money. If a person doesn’t have good taste he is not able to put things together. But some people place too much importance on their appearance. They want to stand out in a crowd and sometimes they look ridiculous trying to be fashionable, trendy and stylish.
  There are various styles of clothes nowadays, so people can choose what to wear on different occasions.First of all, think of clothes that suit you. If you have good taste, you can combine different pieces of clothes and always look fashionable. But your looks should always suit the occasion, and put you in the right mood for the day. Actually, I guess you should choose things according to your personality and character, and you’ll look well-dressed even if you wear something casual.
  As for me, I have a good collection of clothes in my wardrobe. There are a couple of school suits which are of classic style. Then I have some jeans and T-shirts for casual days. And at last, I have a couple of bright dresses for parties or special occasions. Most of all I like wearing ordinary jeans with matching shirts. I think it’s not only convenient but also stylish. As for shoes, I prefer wearing sports shoes or sneakers but I need to wear some classic black shoes to school. I don’t like high heels because they are uncomfortable. I always try to keep my clothes and shoes neat. I think that clothes tell a lot about people and can make a strong impression. So if they are tidy and nice the impression will be positive. The choice of clothes also depends on seasons and weather conditions. In winter, for example, it’s important to have a warm coat and a pair of boots. A jacket and rubber boots would be nice for spring and autumn. However, my favourite time is summer, when everyone can wear T-shirts and shorts, or light dresses and sandals.

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